Bradley Engineering to attend Bau-Biologie Workshop

April 9th and 10th – Sara attended the Bau-Biologie Workshop in Durham, Ontario on the beautiful grounds of The Riverstone Retreat Centre. This workshop was hosted by Joshua Thorton and Ali Lam from Natural Building and was instructed by Paula Baker-Laporte, Architect and Stephen Collette, Environmental Consultant. Bau-Biologie promotes the use of healthy building principles to improve the spaces that we live and work in with the ultimate goal of promoting good health and well being for its occupants.

The principles behind a healthy building really aren’t that hard to understand, so why don’t we incorporate them into today’s buildings?  I beleive the main reason stems from a mis-understanding of building materials and skewed priorities. Does anyone questions why buildings aren’t positioned on the building site to take advantage of passive solar. This simple act is FREE. Not only is incorporating this philosophy free, it will save you money and add comfort to the occupants will little design know-how.

This is just one very simple and easy to understand example of what Bau-Biology is all about.

It is our intent at Bradley Engineering to incorporate as many of these principles, and other sustainable, low-embodied energy ideas into our designs regularly.

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