Durisol ICF building

Early June – Project construction begins on a Durisol ICF building. This is our first project experience using the wood fibre and Portland cement based block.

Durisol is a proprietary material composed of specially graded raw wood shavings and chips, which undergo some processing before being bonded together with Portland cement. Hardened Durisol is lightweight, porous and very durable. Product literature states that “it does not rot nor decay, is vermin, termite and insect proof and does not support fungus growth.” Durisol is a relatively environmentally safe product that is fully recyclable.

Durisol, in our opinion, is a relatively green product, however, it is dependant on the cement industry which is a creator of combustion emissions. To read more about the raw materials used in making cement, and the combustion emissions the cement industry is working to reduce, visit the PCA website.

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