New 22 Unit Multi‐Residential, Keene, ON

New 22 Unit Multi‐Residential, Keene, ON
Year :  2012

Brief Description :  Monaghan Court is a 2 story 22 unit multi‐residential building with a community room.

Foundations :   Reinforced concrete foundations, interior and exterior building retaining walls, normal duty interior slab on grade.

Superstructure :   A combination of wood framed and structural steel superstructure and masonry fire walls. Lateral loads were resisted primarily by wood framed shear walls with independent hold‐downs and masonry shear walls.

Highlights :    Separation of 3 building sections; central 2 story window wall; complicated split level foundation conditions; extensive pre‐fabricated wood roof truss detailing and bracing.

Details :  New Construction. 17,000 sf. $2.5M
Subcontracted structural engineering services to Trevelyan Architect Inc., Peterborough, Ontario

Project Number :  090801


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