Construction Review – New Hay Barn

Year : 2011

Project Number : 110302

Brief Description : This hay storage barn features a monoslope roof to maximize the potential for solar panel installation

Foundations :   Embedded wood posts into reinforced concrete caissons, placed 4ft below finished grade.

Superstructure :   A wood framed superstructure with pre-fabricated light metal plate connected wood trusses.  Lateral loads were resisted in the short direction primarily by timber wind columns regularly spaced along 225 foot length, and assisted by diagonal bracing from the timber posts up into the trusses.  Typical knee brace construction was used at every bay to brace the building in the long direction.

Highlights :    Sandy soils made auguring and placing of concrete more time consuming and costly.  The lack of an interior line of support meant truss bearing conditions required enhancements.  The 35 foot height of the high wall necessitated more specific connection details than typical.

Details :  New Construction. Over 10,000 sf. Structural design by Stonecrest Engineering, Guelph, ON.

Hay Storage Barn

Hay Storage Barn


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