General Information for Home Owners

March 2014

Bradley Engineering does provide structural engineering support to home owners on residential buildings. In general our services include investigations, foundation designs, framing design, and inspections. We provide the home owner with structural engineering solutions to problems that are not specifically covered under the scope of Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code – Houses and Small Buildings.

New homes, new additions, and proposed renovations typically require that the home owner has already retained a designer or architect to help them sort through the bulk of the design decisions and provide details associated with dimensions, layout, wall heights, roof profiles, window and door locations, interior and exterior finishes, etc. Bradley Engineering would provide support relating to structural needs beyond the knowledge and experience of the designer and or outside the scope of Part 9 which are required by the Ontario Building Code to be designed and inspected by an engineer licensed in the province of Ontario.

Examples of common services:

  • Inspections and investigations: Insurance related; foundation problems, moisture problems; roof and wall collapses; consultations on major renovations; fire damage; framing deficiencies; roof inspection for solar panel installation.
  • Foundation wall designs for proposed walls with heights and backfill requirements in excess of those prescribed in Part 9 of the O.B.C.
  • Design of new wood framing with spans and details in excess of those prescribed in Part 9 of the O.B.C.
  • Design of garage slabs on grade foundations.
  • Structural design of strawbale, and log homes.
  • Structural design and inspection of timber framing.
  • Structural design of elevated concrete slabs.
  • Structural design where steel and/or reinforced concrete is preferred.
  • Site retaining wall design.
  • Structural review and/or inspection of designs prepared by structural engineers not licensed in Ontario.

Typically we limit these services to projects located within a 45 minute to 1 hour travel radius from the office. In the event that you are not within this travel distance but are unable to find local engineering support for your project please do not hesitate to call.

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