About Us

Bradley Engineering is a full service structural engineering design firm with a green conscience. We work with individuals, architects, builders and other engineers to take your project from conception to maturity. Along with the structural design, we review shop drawings, perform construction inspections and provide detailed reports. We strive to tread lightly on the planet without compromising structural integrity and elegant design.

We have been providing consulting services since 2003. Originally, services were provided exclusively to other structural engineering firms. Today, Bradley Engineering provides services to all types of clients in a variety of sectors.

Bradley Engineering is experienced in the design and analysis of structures using all conventional building materials. In addition, we do our best to stay on top of the ever changing industry trends relating to the use of pre-engineered and proprietary building materials and systems, and assess their appropriateness for use on a project by project basis.

Bradley Engineering is a heartfelt supporter of the sustainable building community by working with contractors to apply sound structural engineering principles and experience to the application of ‘green’ building materials and construction methods.

  • We encourage the use of local and suitable reclaimed materials, local labour, and minimizing overall embodied energy.
  • We enjoy the challenge associated with unique projects in the form of art, historic buildings, temporary structures, and forensic investigations.
  • We are an asset to any design team, bringing to the table strong communication skills and work ethics, innovative ideas, and a passion for structures.

Bradley Engineering uses current versions of software including AutoCad, REVIT Structure, RISA design software and a multitude of word processing, editing, packaging, tablet and analysis software. We are an electronic office. Very little paper is generated in day to day office activities.