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Hastings Settlers Cabin

Hastings Settlers Cabin – Log and Timber Structure Year : 2014-2015 Brief Description : This new 3 season cabin was designed by the owner and SES Drafting and Design. Bradley Engineering worked with the pre-selected timber framers to determine member sizes and spans as well as joinery. Reclaimed timbers were used for the log portion and […]

New Emergency Services Building – Hiawatha ON

Hiawatha Emergency Services Building – Hiawatha, Ontario Year : 2013 Project Summary Download:  12-0603 George Cromley EMS Brief Description :  Hiawatha emergency services building is a 2 story building with 4 truck bays, offices, and a meeting room. Foundations :  The foundations were designed as reinforced concrete foundations, and required a heavy-duty interior slab on […]

New 22 Unit Multi‐Residential, Keene, ON

New 22 Unit Multi‐Residential, Keene, ON Year :  2012 Brief Description :  Monaghan Court is a 2 story 22 unit multi‐residential building with a community room. Foundations :   Reinforced concrete foundations, interior and exterior building retaining walls, normal duty interior slab on grade. Superstructure :   A combination of wood framed and structural steel superstructure and […]

New Church – Beaverton ON

BEACAN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH– BEAVERTON, ONTARIO Year : 2011 Project Number :  091010 Brief Description : Beacan Presbyterian Church Church is a two story multi‐use community facility with a gymnasium, kitchen, offices, and sanctuary. Foundations :  reinforced concrete foundations, general purpose interior slab on grade. Superstructure :  a combination of wood framed, masonry, and structural steel superstructure. […]

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