Strawbale, Solar, Log

Hastings Settlers Cabin

Hastings Settlers Cabin – Log and Timber Structure Year : 2014-2015 Brief Description : This new 3 season cabin was designed by the owner and SES Drafting and Design. Bradley Engineering worked with the pre-selected timber framers to determine member sizes and spans as well as joinery. Reclaimed timbers were used for the log portion and […]

Log Construction Island Retreat

LOG CONSTRUCTION ISLAND RETREAT, CAMPBELLFORD, ONTARIO Year :  2013 Project Number :    120305 Brief Description :  Bradley Engineering provided structural engineering design and construction observation services on this project. Highlights :  The cabin was constructed using primarily reclaimed timber materials sourced by the client. The builders pre‐fabricated and trial‐assembled the walls of the structure offsite […]

Solar Panel Investigation – Riding Barn

RIDING ARENA SOLAR PANEL– BUCKHORN, ONTARIO Year :  2013 Project Number :   130503 Brief Description :  Bradley Engineering provided initial inspection services on the existing roof structure and supporting structure as well as follow up inspection and reporting services during and after solar panel installation. Engineering review and approval is required typically by both the […]

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